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Welcome to the 21st Century
Progressive Thrillers Series

By John T. Cullen

World's First Progressive Thriller. You're looking at the cover (at right) of something new in the field of thriller fiction. I call it the Progressive Thriller, which is both an entertainment and a parable.

After 2016. Given the catastrophic election of 2016, it is more important and relevant than ever for thinking readers and writers to exercise our remaining First Amendment rights (Free Speech) to combat a sickening lurch toward demagoguery and tyranny. I'll save the speeches for another time and place. I'll let these certain political, progressive thrillers of mine do the lifting for us. As the following paragraph shows (follow the link), authors have long used fiction as a vehicle for delivering desperately imagined truths.

Authors Who Entertain and Edify. To explain my goals as a writer, I'll cite some of the authors (literary influences) who have guided my work. Here are a just a few of the many authors I have read, who have successfully combined entertainment and serious ideas in their novels—which is what I aspire to do. You'll notice that most of these are serious, literary science fiction (SF) works. SF is, after all, especially called a literature of imagination. That is why, among my thrillers on this site, I feel compelled to mention one of my own SF novels, Time Train.

Entertainment First, Lesson Second. As a novelist, I write stories first and foremost for entertainment. As it happens, however, novels are also a great vehicle for communicating philosophical views, as has been the practice of writers for many centuries. Call it a parable, or a metaphor, or whatever you like. The key is to not let philosophy get in the way of a rousing story. I promise you I'll do my best to keep that distinction straight for you. Yes, I love writing, and I write because it brings me joy, but I write for an understanding and intelligent, thinking reader (hopefully you).


cover of latest Progressive Thriller by San Diego Author John T. Cullen